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Climate Change: The Impact of Drought on the Planet.

Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing our planet. An increase in the amount of gases in the air leads to an increase in temperature and changes in weather conditions. Droughts are becoming more frequent and intense, which leads to damage to agriculture and problems with water supply. Many people tried to solve this problem by digging wells and irrigating their crops, but it turned out to be a very expensive and unsustainable process. Wells were often too deep and expensive to build, and irrigation led to the drying up of groundwater and soil erosion. In addition, there is a risk of the water source completely drying up, leading to the need to search for new sources and costs.

However, one scientist from the Balkans came up with an innovative way for the prevention of drought to solve the drought problem.

How was Folisu created?

Mato Zubac, an academician and inventor from Novi Sad, was faced with the challenge of a drought that affected the production of corn and other agricultural crops. He and his team of scientists from the chemistry and biochemistry area worked to develop a solution to this problem. The result of their work is the product « Folisu », a unique ecological tool for the foliar treatment of corn, vegetable and fruit crops. This product reduces the consequences of drought in a natural way, allowing plants to cope better with stress. The tests showed positive results and « Folisu » is now used in a large number of farms in the Southeast Europe region. Users of this product have recorded an increase in production by as much as 10% under normal conditions, and up to 30-40% in severe droughts.

How does the Folisu work?

This agent works in an innovative and effective way. When the agent is applied to the leaves of plants, it helps the plant take moisture from the air onto its leaf. It makes the process of plant hydration much more effective, even under the most challenging factors. The plant retains enough water even in the driest periods when the agent is utilized. 

At the height of about 10m, more than 2000 liters of water are available every day on 1ha. That allows water to be brought to the leaf, and stem to the root system. The plant evolves and can use nutrients in a more effective way, even though the soil is dry at an air humidity of approximately 50% and temperatures above 30C°.

Foliar fertilizer for drought prevention - Folisu

FOLISU is a foliar agent for safe plant development and reducing the side effects of drought.
Its positive effect results in more successful photosynthesis and the development of chlorophyll.

The product is made from natural elements, which are joined in a technological process. It contains macroelements (N, K, Mg) and microelements (Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn).

Types of cultures

Our product is currently being used in four different industries: agriculture, horticulture, fruit farming, and vegetable farming.

Folisu for crop farming

Folisu for horticulture

Folisu for vegetables

Folisu for fruits

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We are proud to showcase the success stories of our customers who have used our product to save their crops from drought. We have recorded demos and testimonials to demonstrate the effectiveness of our product. But our favorite are the videos sent to us by our customers as a sign of gratitude for saving their crops. They initially doubted the possibility of such a solution, but later saw the results and decided to share their experiences with us.

What do you get with our preparation?

It prevents drought which means your plants will be fully prepared for periods without rain and high temperatures by collecting water from the air that was previously unavailable to the plant.

It is ecological and does not contain toxic elements, does not have a negative effect on the environment and is safe for the health of people, plants and animals.

It increases yields which means you will have higher yields by as much as 10%, and in big dry years up to 30% to 40% percent. It mixes with other fertilizers, so you can spray it with any fertilizer except copper, saving money and time.

It maintains the humidity of the leaf, creating chlorophyll and increasing the process of photosynthesis, which enables the basic processes in the plant, which makes it healthier and more resistant to diseases.

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